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tv   Senator Joni Ernst Remarks at CPAC  CSPAN  July 3, 2016 9:58pm-10:13pm EDT

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woman. is also facing dissent among delegates. 150 to 200 delegates may try to change the rules. it is a difficult task according representative of the rnc. does this play into the dynamics of what trump is thinking about? yes, yes to unite the party, that those never trump people are not point to be satisfied only if donald trump is not the nominee, so no matter picks, someone that the washington establishment picks, like bob corker from tennessee, that is not going to placate them, so regardless, i think there are going to be those headlights at the republican convention, because those people are going to be there, and how do the truck people deal with it? story either way. especially with the sanders supporters and debbie wasserman schultz. both parties have issues coming
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up at their convention. steve: we will turn our contention -- attention to democrats in. jonivered journey ernst -- ernst. here is what she had to say. announcer: ladies and gentlemen, from the state of iowa, please welcome senator joni ernst. ♪ it has been so low, i have forgotten how to play it all night long on that long this is my heartbeat ♪ ernst: thank you, thank you much. god bless you all. good morning? how is it going today? outstanding. good morning, everyone. my name is joni ernst, and i have the great honor of serving
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the people of iowa in the united states senate. thank you. my iowans, thank you very much. i have also had the privilege of serving all of you for the past 23 years in the eye or army national guard and the army reserves. thank you. it is wonderful to be with you today, and thanks to all of you who have traveled near and far to come to this event to join us. there are so many important speeches, panels, and takessions that will course over the next few days, and you are an important part of that. your voice is very important to us right now. so thank you so much for being here. i grew up on a farm in a small
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town in southwest iowa, and my parents instilled in my brother, my sister, and in me the importance of hard work, of service, and of sacrifice. we worked hard for what we had, and when our day was done, we helped our neighbors. those that needed an extra hand. because that is what iowans do. and that is not unique to just iowa. that is what americans do. we help when others call us. so many americans across this great nation worked tirelessly day in and day out to help grow a vibrant economy so their kids and grandkids can have more opportunity, and so many
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fighteous men and women to ensure the united states remains a strong and stabilizing force around the globe. amen. in fact, if i could just take a brief moment to ask any veteran in the room to please stand or raise your hand if you cannot i'm going to ask everyone else to honor these veterans. god bless you all. god bless you all. of younately, as many know, our nation's ability to lead is in jeopardy. i hear from folks constantly who
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are concerned about what is going on overseas, and rightfully so. the reality is we have significant issues right now that are not being addressed. when i listen to our allies around the world, they expressed their concern that america is no longer leading. the question i have heard time is where isin america's leadership? where is it? they see us shrinking from our place in the world and failing to address growing threats. they are looking for an american leader that is willing to stand up and say enough is enough. why are they crying out for leadership? why are we crying out for leadership?
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because more and more we see threats to our homeland. magnifiedat have been by the failure of this ,dministration to stand tall recognize the threats that are facing us, and to destroy isis. as a san bernardino attacks proved, this is not just some jv force in the middle east. is present in all 50 states, according to the fbi. think about that for a moment. single one of our 50 states. alarming, yet i know that we can and must do better. how?
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well, we must first answer that lingering question. where is american leadership? we have all got to come together, rise up, and find the type of conservative leadership that will confront the very real and dangerous threat america faces in today's world. the reality is the world is in turmoil. unfortunately, president obama does not seem to want to face that fact. it is easier to ignore the problem that you face it head on. and let me give you a quick example. let me give you a quick example. russia. russia is taking advantage of our lack of leadership in europe and the middle east right now. years, thest seven obama/clinton foreign-policy strategy has been to give ground
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to vladimir putin from ukraine to syria. that is right. retreat from making tough choices in the defense of american interests and our national security. even when there is a cessation of hostility in syria, russia is allowed to continue with its bombing. how do they get away with it? no leadership. so russia continues to barrel bomb not only the innocent syrian population but also those moderate syrian rebels that the united states has been backing and have been fighting against the charlotte side regime.
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bashar al assad regime. actually fighting for what we want. , folks,not make sense and we must change course. we must. there are a number of threats out there. we have care is him and vladimir and of course now throughout europe. we have north korea, and unpredictable enemy, and who knows what they are going to do next? many other adversaries and challenges looking right at us in this new 21st century world. i know thereo say
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is a better way forward. we need a commander-in-chief who will stand up and destroy isis. commander-in-chief who will put america back in a position of leadership and strength. we need a commander-in-chief who protectp our allies and our national security. and the great news is that we have that opportunity this year in 2016. we need to make it happen. we have extraordinary republican candidates across the board who to articulating their vision
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get our country growing again and to ensure america remains a strong, stabilizing force around the globe. we cannot afford to have a or those who have served in his administration whose wayward policies and the middle east have led to the strengthening of terrorists. isis continues to grow and expand, while the president fails to put forward a comprehensive strategy to destroy them. now is the time to stand up and make our voices heard. each one of you, every single one of you here today has an important role to play. we all have this opportunity this year. me andyou will join assure that we take this opportunity in 2016 to nominate
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a strong, conservative leader who will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. right. right. up and our time to stand fight for the security of our children and our grandchildren. this is the time to stand up not only for our country but to help our allies and illustrate our nation's true strength and leadership for other countries as well. thank you. thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you, and god bless all of you, and god bless these great united states of america. thank you. god bless you. it has been so long, i have
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forgot how to play it up, up, up all night long up, up, up all night long this is my heartbeat, and i'm going to play it i know you're going to take it up, up, up ♪ steve: bob. ands look at the democrats potential running mates for hillary clinton. your p's this past week at the, her nine most likely vp picks. top of the list, elizabeth warren of massachusetts. warren iselizabeth top-tier. the democrats are massachusetts clintonendorse hillary during the primary process. she would really unite the party, and of course, it would be eight historic take it with
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hillary clinton and elizabeth warren on the ticket, and she was the only female representative who did not endorse hillary clinton. that will probably help her case. are negative fear, that massachusetts is the going to go to the democrats, with the statewide electoral vote count, and it could also be portrayed -- republicans have put out some that they could portray it as a very liberal ticket. warren could outshine hillary clinton on the campaign trail. she will definitely be discussed. there are reports that she is being vetted. there is a former governor of virginia, the dnc's chair, and he speaks spanish. i think he is interested.


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